Welcome to James Murray Engineering Ltd, suppliers of Megasquirt ECUs to the UK.

What is Megasquirt?

Megasquirt is a range of aftermarket engine management systems. Having originated in the early 2000s as a D.I.Y. project, Megasquirt has evolved far beyond that and is capable of running complex engines with full sequential fuel and spark, variable valve timing, boost control and a host of race features.


At James Murray Engineering, the focus is on the higher end products or custom built traditional Megasquirts.




MS3-Pro – the full featured Megasquirt-3 based ECU is here in the UK ready to purchase.

Full retail box includes 2.4m pigtail wiring looms.

Starting at £910 inc. VAT.






Microsquirt – the entry compact Megasquirt-2 based ECU. Great for a car or bike that needs fuel and spark control with a reduced featureset.

Supplied with 76cm pigtail wiring loom.

Starting at £350 inc. VAT



Megasquirt 3

Megasquirt 3

Megasquirt-3 – top of the traditional Megasquirt range.

Sequential fuel and spark up to 8 cylinders and many race features as standard. Fitted with 2.5 bar MAP sensor.

Supplied with 2.4m pigtail wiring looms.

Starting at £650 inc. VAT.


For more details of the Megasquirt product range please visit the official UK Megasquirt website.

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